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A Guided Journey Counseling 

Meet the Therapist

The mission of A Guided Journey Counseling is to provide personalized, high-quality counseling on an as-needed or preventative basis.  I have been working as a psychotherapist for over 19 years, and working to strengthen families in crisis for 24 years.  I have managed counseling centers across the United States and am excited about my new clinic in beautiful Carlsbad.

It is truly a blessing to assist others in achieving greater happiness and peace as they overcome individual, marital, and family struggles.  None of us is immune to the struggles of life, but we can all assist others as we become empowered with information, tools, and wisdom.

A Guided Journey Counseling specializes in all types of psychotherapy, utilizing those tools which work best for each situation.  I come from a Bio-Psycho-Social perspective, understanding that all areas of our life interact with each other.  Focusing on one area, oftentimes, improves other areas of our lives, as well. 

I am a fully licensed professional by the State of California and look forward to meeting with you and seeing the good that can come from a healthy therapeutic relationship.  This is a practice that I and many others believe in.

A Guided Journey Counseling is a full-service psychotherapy clinic.  I believe in working with my clients to maintain and improve their social, emotional, and relational health. I will work collaboratively to serve you and your entire family for all of your counseling needs through all stages of life. I believe in providing comprehensive services to each client, in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. I also believe in educating each client to achieve the most healthy social and emotional state possible.

​I look forward to discussing with you how I can be of most assistance.  I am bilingual, speaking Spanish.  Yo hablo Espanol.

To schedule an appointment, please call: (442) 888-0873.