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  • Individual, Relationship, Marriage & Family Counseling
  • Addiction
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Grief & Loss
  • Career Counseling
  • Support/Coping
  • Communication
  • Self-Exploration
  • ADD/ADHD, Blended Families, Intimacy, OCD, Phobias, etc.

"Glenn is compassionate, straightforward and honest. He listens intently and is able to quickly pinpoint what is causing clients to get stuck and not be able to move forward. Many times he drew visual aids to assist me in seeing roadblocks from an outside perspective which helped me to shift my perspective of the problem and be able to manage or move through it instead of being overwhelmed or consumed by it. He will challenge you to work hard and face your fears and will teach you skills that you will use throughout your life as you move forward." Kimberly Packard

"I couldn't have made it through that dark period of my life without Glenn's assistance.  He is caring, straight-forward and insightful.  He treated me as an equal and provided me with the tools and support I so desperately needed." -North County Resident 

"Glenn is amazing! He really practices what he preaches. I met him on the beach and I did not know that he was a counselor. But after our swim around the pier, I knew that he was some sort of professional coach because he guided me and stayed near me all the way around the pier. I was very impressed. After our epic swim, I asked him for his email to keep in touch and that is when I found out that he is a professional counselor, I should have known. What a great guy all around." Raquel Comstock

"Glenn is a very insightful and talented therapist. He has a very creative approach. He is sensitive, fun, gentle, compassionate and very supportive. He has a way of helping people feel safe, happy, at ease, affirmed and hopeful." Cathy Benton

"I highly recommend Glenn Farr for his excellent and compassionate service." Dalila Flores

"Glenn is trustworthy and direct and provides empathetic counseling practices." Mr. Michael Koch, BSCJA, CADCII, SAP

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I appreciate the opportunity of working with you in finding a more fulfilling, meaningful, and peaceful life.  We all have our challenges, whether we were born with them, have been negatively impacted by another, or are just struggling with some aspect of life.  Read More

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